Leaving the Scene

Leaving The Scene Doesn't Mean You Were Guilty

The temptation and fear were probably overwhelming. You know you were drinking, but weren't sure if you were over the .08 limit. You found yourself in an accident and your only thoughts turned to leaving the scene before the police got there.

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Leaving the scene of an accident is the same as hit and run. It is a class three or class four felony if an injury or death occurred in the crash. Even without serious injury, you have the obligation to stop and wait for the police. You face class six felony charges if you don't.

Yes. You do have rights. Yes. You have someone on your side.

If you are faced with a vehicle-related felony or vehicular homicide charge, it is critically important to contact an experienced attorney who knows the system and knows how to win. At the Law Offices of Stephen Paul Barnard, P.C., we have the experience and the winning record you want on your side for any alcohol or drug-related vehicular offense.

Are you guilty of leaving the scene of an accident?

If you left the scene of an accident after drinking, call the police and an experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. We will protect your rights and help you understand the process as you do the right thing and turn yourself in.

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Contact our offices to discuss the circumstances of your accident. We are ready to help you get the possible resolution for any charges you may face.

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