Drug-Related Driving Offenses

Drug Impairment Doesn't Mean You Are Guilty of DUI

Driving under the influence does not only refer to alcohol. DUI charges can be the result of drug-related impairment involving legal and illegal narcotics, as well. Drivers charged with drug related driving offenses are subject to many of the same legal standards as alcohol-related charges.

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DUI Per Se is often the charge applied to drug-related driving offenses

DUI per se simply means that you appeared to be impaired. It does not require any evidence beyond the police officer's best judgment. The law gives police the right to charge you with DUI per se, even if you have less than the required .08 BAC.

Arizona is tougher than most states.

For a variety of reasons, in Arizona you are more likely to be stopped under suspicion of driving under drug impairment than in most other states. The standards that police are held to when making a traffic stop and arrest are somewhat different when an illegal narcotic is involved.

Under the Arizona DUI "per se" standard of .08 BAC, you may be charged with DUI without regard to the level of impairment. In other words, if the police suspect that your impairment is related to an illegal substance, it is grounds for arrest and you can be charged for "acting" impaired.

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