DUI Aggravated Assault

DUI Aggravated Assault is a Serious Charge

If you have been charged with DUI after an accident, you may also be facing the additional felony charge of aggravated assault. If the prosecutor feels that a car accident injury can be attributed directly to your alcohol or drug impairment, you can be charged with aggravated assault of a dangerous nature. Your vehicle can be classified as a dangerous instrument, which may result in charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. If convicted, you will face a prison sentence which can range from five to eighteen years.

We prepare your felony aggravated assault case to win in court.

At the Tucson Law Offices of Stephen Paul Barnard, we have the experience and professional resources to defend you aggressively until your DUI aggravated assault charge is resolved. With over 25 years of experience in DUI cases, attorney Stephen Paul Barnard will work tirelessly to help you protect your rights and freedom.

The DUI aggravated assault defense you are looking for

The right criminal defense lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case. A successful defense of felony aggravated assault charges requires understanding how the laws are interpreted and applied in Arizona. Completely dedicated to the defense of DUI and related charges, our firm understands the complex nature of DUI aggravated assault charges.

Since DUI aggravated assault charges stem from drunk driving accidents, your defense may also require the additional resources of expert testimony from accident reconstruction specialists and medical experts. We have the full range of resources needed to build a comprehensive defense.

We have the experience you can rely on for an effective defense of all felony and misdemeanor charges relating to DUI:

DUI Aggravated Assault - Learn how you can fight your DUI aggravated assault charges

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