Underage DUI in Arizona

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If you are the parent of a minor-age child who has been charged with underage DUI, you know how important it is to protect a promising future. A conviction for drunk driving will be just as serious as any other misdemeanor conviction on the criminal record. A DUI can affect opportunities for jobs, school and government programs like student loans.

Make no mistake: A plea bargain is a conviction

Attorney Stephen Paul Barnard fights to win every underage DUI case in court. At the Law Offices of Stephen Paul Barnard, P.C., we know that the only way to fight a serious charge like underage DUI is to prepare for trial. The prosecutor knows it, too. We don't roll over and beg for the best possible deal with the prosecutor. We prepare your child's case to win in a trial, and we have a very successful record.

We are your complete Arizona DUI defense law firm:

Is your child's future worth anything less?

Half-way measures aren't enough when it comes to protecting a young person's future. Contact our offices to discuss the circumstances of your child's arrest and charges. We offer a free consultation and will give you a full, honest evaluation of the case. DUI defense is all we do. Is your child's future worth anything less?

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We know that the only proven way to obtain the most favorable result possible for our clients is to exhibit the unquestioned ability and dedication to take each case to trial and win. That is exactly what we do.

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