Arizona Driver's License Suspension

Let us Help You Keep Your Driver's License

For many people charged with DUI, losing driving privileges amounts to more of a punishment than the criminal penalties that may result. Getting to and from work. Family transportation. Medical appointments. Your driver's license is your lifeline.

Your lawyer can appear at your DMV hearing on your behalf

Every DUI case involves two elements. The first, of course is the criminal charges that must be dealt with. For many years, attorney Stephen Paul Barnard has been recognized for providing aggressive, relentless trial defense for people charged with DUI. We are proud of our record of helping people avoid the worst criminal punishments that a DUI conviction can bring.

The second component of a DUI charge is the DMV hearing, where we challenge evidence and prepare your case before a hearing officer. The hearing allows us to call witnesses, bring motions to suppress illegal evidence by the prosecutor and fight to protect your privileges. A strong defense at the DMV hearing often results in a dismissal of charges if the prosecutor sees that a criminal trial won't go their way.

We offer aggressive defense for all charges relating to Arizona DUI:

Up to 90 day suspension if your breath test is used as evidence against you

The right attorney can help you get the best possible results at your DMV driver's license suspension hearing. Before you schedule your hearing date at the DMV, start by talking to us. We know the process. We know which steps to take to provide the best opportunity for success. Contact us right away.

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