Driver's License Ramifications

The Full Range of DUI Driver's License Ramifications

A DUI will have a major impact on your life beyond the courtroom. If you are convicted of drunk driving, you will lose your license, unless you take proper action today. An experienced DUI defense attorney can help you keep your license and handle all DMV hearings on your behalf.

Without the right DUI defense, you will lose your license

At the Tucson Law Offices of Stephen Paul Barnard, we understand the complete range of driver's license ramifications caused by one DUI. Our defense goes beyond the court room, as we make sure that all aspects of our clients' cases are taken care of properly. We will do everything possible to help you keep your license.

The moment you are pulled over, be prepared to face potential driver's license ramifications. Even if you are not charged with a DUI, you could face problems. Refusal to take a breath test will lead to an automatic license suspension of up to ninety days. If you failed your breathalyzer test, you can be sure that there will be serious penalties enforced by the DMV as well.

The greater the charges you face, the greater the driver's license ramifications.

No matter what type of DUI charges you face, make sure you do everything possible to protect your license. We handle DMV and other driver's license consequences for clients facing all types of charges, including:

If you have a commercial driver's license, your job could be in jeopardy as well, so make sure you do everything possible to protect yourself.

An experienced DUI defense attorney can help you keep your license.

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