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We Go All Out to Protect Your Job and Driving Career

If you are a professional truck driver, you know what's at stake if you are arrested and charged with DUI. Any BAC of .04 while driving your truck can mean losing your CDL and your career forever. Even if you were off duty and driving in your own car with .08 BAC, you can face a CDL suspension and loss of income for a year.

We don't roll over. This is your career and financial future on the line.

If you have a commercial driver's license and have been charged with DUI, you need to know that your attorney has the experience and aggressiveness to fight for your freedom and your financial future. At the Law Offices of Stephen Paul Barnard, P.C., we have defended hundreds of drivers faced with DUI and related drunk driving charges.

We prepare your CDL DUI defense case for trial

Make no mistake: A plea bargain with the prosecutor is the same as a conviction on your record. Winning in court is the only way you are going to avoid a conviction.

You have never had to fight for your financial future like you will have to fight now. Attorney Stephen Paul Barnard is a former prosecutor with more than 25 years of experience in DUI cases. We prepare your case for trial because that's the only way to avoid a conviction.

When you need to fight for your future, we're here for you:

In addition to DUI defense, we also provide aggressive defense for vehicular charges relating to DUI:

If you are a holder of a CDL who has been charged with DUI in Arizona, get the aggressive legal help you need to protect your career and your future. Contact us for a free consultation.

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We know that the only proven way to obtain the most favorable result possible for our clients is to exhibit the unquestioned ability and dedication to take each case to trial and win. That is exactly what we do.

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